Avoid 7 email nightmares forever with 1 trick

You’ve suffered one of these email nightmares in your life:

1. Attachment Disorder

2. Reply All

Reply All

3. Wrong Guy

Wrong Recipient

4. Ragemail

Rage Mail

5. Afterthought


4. Cliffha-


7. Just Plain Stupid

If you haven’t, well done! You’re already emailing like a pro.

If you have, there’s 1 simple trick you need now:

Delay your Outbox

That’s it.

No scripts, mantras, or post-it notes. Just Delay your Outbox.

This means different things for different people. I have two simple rules:

1. All outbound email sits for 1 minute before sending
2. If an email contains "##" it goes immediately

Why 1 minute? That’s long enough to dive in and catch the above mistakes.

Why “##”? It never appears in my emails, unless I put it there. This helps me get the urgent stuff out (like winning Lady Gaga tickets…)

Different mail apps have different ways to help you do this.

Set yours up now:

Did I miss your favourite mail app? Add yours in the comments!

“But wait! What about my urgent emails?” – Common Complaint

Anything truly urgent can have a rule (see above).

As for whether your email really, truly, absolutely need to be sent now? That’s a topic I plan to cover in a future post.